Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sabaskong Bay Trip #2

So Northbound, back to paradise on water, Sabaskong Bay we, my good friend Josh Kragthorpe and I, headed. I was excited as before but this time was the musky trip and it was time to get serious.

Josh and I arrived, unpacked and bada boom bada bing we were on the water. Holy criminy I new we were going to put the smack down on em’ this trip and I was pumped. The water temp was above 70 degrees and the sun was shinning. Josh and I headed to our first spot and we moved one fish and then to the next. I had a fish try and eat but it missed the bait. Crap! Josh and I then fished some new areas and we moved some fish and we had some close calls but no fish in the boat for the first day.

We headed back to the resort and unpacked and cooked some brats and for some reason we thought it was a good idea to go out in the pitch black and try to catch a walleye. Well let me tell you when I say pitch black I mean pitch black. We couldn’t see two feet in front of us and thank the Lord for Lowrance and LakeMaster because we would have never have made it with out them. Well we made it out to the reef where my Dad, Brother and I caught all the monster walleyes and it was fairly rough. We fished one time around the reef lost one lure and we looked at each other and said lets go in. I white knuckled it all the way in and made it safe. I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone because it was nerve racking!

Day #2 and we are up and ready to rock and roll. We kept hearing everyone talk about fishing cabbage and Josh and I were moving fish on the rocks. As we were on our way to our first cabbage spot I couldn’t pass up a little rock hump and we started to make some casts. About half way around I felt tick on my bait and I set the hook and nothing but a huge boil. “It missed it, that stupid fished missed it!” I explained to Josh who had a smile on his face. Onto the next spot which was cabbage and don’t ask me why since we had fish going on rocks. I said, “For fun I’m putting on the Pacemaker.” Which is a top-water lure and not 30 minutes later mister pike bites but that was all that was in the weeds so we continued to fish around a rock point and straight from the shallow rock a musky grabs the pacemaker and skies straight in the air. I set the hook as Josh yells, “Musky…That’s a musky!” The fish then jumps straight out he air a second time and the battle was on. Around the back of the boat she went and finally I won the battle and with one scoop of the Beckman she was ours for a quick picture and back in the water to fight again. Sweet! 

We continued to fish a mix of structure including weeds, rock points and rock reefs with not much happening. My Dad had a 46 incher follow on our previous trip and Josh and I headed to that spot and not five cast into it she bites Josh’s Water Chopper which is made by Lee’s Lures. The water erupted but she didn’t get hooks. We couldn’t believe it! Onto the next spot and again the water erupts but she didn’t get hooks. “What in the world is going on!” we said to each other. We continue to fish and another one chases Josh’s bait and he goes into the figure 8 and she bites and gets the bait for seconds and gone. Three bites in about 30 minutes and no fish. I was bummed and we where now 1 fog the good guys and 5 for the stinkin muskies on the trip. We continued to fish until dark with a few more follows but no more bitters.

We stopped in to see my friend Mike Mccullen, owner Fudally Tackle, and his Daughter Sammy. After a few, o.k. maybe several, fish stories it was again 1:30 in the morning and pitch black and we had to drive back a few miles thought the maze of rocks. We made it back and bam I was sleeping!

The next morning we met up with Tim Anderson my friend from Brainerd and they had caught a few fish in the weeds. Weeds, Weeds, Weeds and we had all of our fish going on secondary rock structures that were connected to larger islands. Mike also said he was catching fish in weeds. So weeds it was or should I say wasn’t for us. Josh and I fished so many weed spots with no fish I couldn’t believe it. We then went back to rocks and no fish. I was sore, tired, frustrated and couldn’t believe I couldn’t catch a musky. I told Josh I needed to set the hook so lets go catch some walleyes in the weeds. I hooked up the jig and gulp and looked at Josh and said, “If I catch a musky doing this I’m going to be so mad.” We started to cast towards the shallow cabbage and bam I set the hook. I looked at Josh and said big walleye. Well it came to the top and we soon realized it was a musky. I couldn’t believe it. We fished for almost 10 hours and I put a stupid walleye jig on and boom I hook a stinking musky 10 minutes into it. The battle was on and it was approx. 40 incher and I told Josh we might as well net the stupid thing. The fish must have heard me as it lay next to the boat and with on quick flick of the tail she snapped the line and was gone. After catching a nice walleye we went on to try and catch another musky with no luck. What a tough day!

We got back to the cabin and met up with Tim, Greg and Steve and they were on em’. They had been fishing a different part of the lake and were moving fish, guess where, in the cabbage. They had caught a few really nice fish and were seeing lots. I was really humbled and stumped. Josh and I had on more quick morning to put a fish in the boat so we decided to fish cabbage. Argg!!! We fished the greenest most beautifulest (I know that’s not a word but you know what I mean) cabbage ever and didn’t move a thing. We went back to our rock locations and with 10 minutes before we had to leave Josh sets the hook on a really nice fish. It ended up being a 36 pike!

Over all I think we should have stuck to what was working for us but when you hear so many reports of fish being in a certain type of structure it’s hard not to give it a good honest effort.

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