Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Brothers put on a clinic

On the water again! Sorry I have been a little behind on the updates but we have been rockin’ the fish the past couple of days.

I had another great trip this morning with Kathleen, Mike, 10 year old Jack, 12 year old Bobby and their grandpa Jim. The first two hours I had Kathleen and Mike in the boat. The fish were a little slow waking up but Kathleen managed to catch both a walleye and a bass. Congrats to them as they are getting married in October. I won’t rub it in too bad who caught the most fish…….

Now it was time for the two studs Jack and Bobby and their grandpa Jim. I went back to the same location we had caught the big bass with Hailee the day before and the bite was on. The fish had moved just about 150 yards up the shore. Those guys caught fish left and right. It was so good we didn’t have to move the whole two hours. I got to know my fishing buddies pretty good and we were having a great time. I told Jack if you want to catch a Hawg Belly you have to put a super big minnow on. Fearless Jack was and of coarse he said lets do it. This was a huge minnow and I mean huge. I told Jack if he gets a bite to make sure to give the fish some time to get the whole minnow in its mouth. I should also mention the five-minute warning was starting. (Five minutes until we had to go in.)

I was cleaning the boat and I heard Jack say what every guide likes to hear, “I got one!” I looked up and again it was another monster bass jumping out of the water. Jack fought the fish like a champ and we got em’ in the net and we all cheered as though the Twins won the World Series! We took some great photos and let her go to fight again.

What a blast and thank guys for the great time!

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