Monday, September 14, 2009

Figure 8 Musky

I had the pleasure of spending the morning in the boat with Bob Johnson (musky fanatic) Bob and I had fished late into the previous evening and nothing. The musky bite has been so spotty with the weird weather we have been having. So we decided to get up early and try a different lake. After a few wrong turns at a detour we finally made it to the access.

The lake we were fishing was pea green with a super bad algae bloom. I was a little worried. We started on a mid lake hump and didn’t move a fish. We then switched tactics and went into the bull rushes and moved a few fish and it seemed like that was the only thing going but still wasn’t much. We made a decision to go out and fish a cabbage spot and not the second cast I see Bob go into the figure 8. I didn’t see the fish right away because of the horrible water conditions but after several turns I saw the fish was right on the bucktail! I told Bob, “Go deep then come up, go deep then come up!” As soon as Bob went deep on the turn and then up the fish bite on about the ninth or tenth time around. It seemed like forever! We landed a nice chunky musky! We were pumped.

We went to the next cabbage spot and they started coming out of the wood work. I was throwing a Fish Stick HD made by Lee’s Lures and I pulled it away from several fish. Bob took the rod and made some a cast right where they came from and a fish unleashed on it but it didn’t get hooks. It was a blast seeing all of the fish react to this bait. I had three different follows in three consecutive cast. Bob really wanted to catch a big one so I kept pulling it away so he could have a chance at them. We never converted another fish but we turned tough conditions into a good day on the water. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many follows we had from one cabbage pile but there is no doubt that these fish feed in packs.

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