Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gull Lake Walleyes

Over the past couple of days the walleyes finally decided they wanted eat! It has been a fairly tough summer on Gull but for the last week the fish have been hungry.

I have been using Bigtooth Walleye Snells and catching fish anywhere from 22 to 38 feet of water. The fish have been relating to deep structure. It seems the fish will move up to feed in different spots each day. That is why it is so important to have confidence in your electronics and drive until you mark the fish. I use Lowrance Graphs and they are awesome. It’s so fun when I can say, “Someone's going to get a bit!” and it happens. There has been many spots I caught them one day and not the next. As my good friend Toby K says, “Don’t fish in the past!” Put some time looking for fish and you will catch them. Also boat control has been key. Once I see the fish I have been sitting right on top of them without moving. It seems they want the bait to dangle right in-front of their nose before they bite.

Good Luck!

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