Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Mom

Hey Guys! Life? It’s amazing we live day by day and get into a routine and we take for granted the important people in our lives. I’m going to admit I’m guilty of this. My Mom has always been a women who has put her children first. I love my Mom more then anything and I always have looked at her as being invincible. She doesn’t stop moving and is involved with the community helping so many different organizations and of coarse putting her family #1. My life is so busy with fishing, my family (Kristine and Gavin), running ASPEN and with all the busy things I wasn’t the best son spending time with the women that raised me with my Dad.

Why am I writing this? Well this past spring my invincible Mom was diagnosed with lung and liver cancer. My Dad, Steve, called when they were on their way back from the Mayo Clinic and said, “We are going to stop by and see you.” “Great!” I said as we hung up the phone. They pulled into the driveway and I soon saw my invincible Mom changed to my Mom I had to help walk into my house. The last time I saw her was two weeks prior and I couldn’t even recognize her on this day. I didn’t want to believe this was happening to a women who cared more for anyone else then herself. We helped her into my home and there we sat. I was broken. So many emotions and so many questions, why? I didn’t allow my Mom to see my broken inside and it was all I could take from braking down in-front of her but I needed to be strong. I looked her straight in the eye and said, “You can beat this, we can beat this.” After we spent some time together, drank a cup of coffee, not too strong just they way she likes it, I pretty much carried my invincible Mom to the car and they drove off. Life soon became something so much more.

My Mom is now doing well. She is invincible and she is winning this battle. She has gone through many chemo treatments and it seems to be working. She has had so much support from so many family and friends. We have put together a benefit website at www.suzettebenefit.com. Please take a moment to stop by and say hi. We are holding a benefit dinner on Oct. 4th in Bemidji and an online auction you can get more details on her website. Your support would be appreciated.

As we go through our busy lives remember you are never too busy to pick up the phone or make a lunch date with the ones you love. My Mom has found a way to bring our family closer and hopefully yours as well.

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