Sunday, July 5, 2009

Christopher says, "Lets catch a big one!"

9 year old Christopher and I fished last year together and he was back for more. I’m telling you this kid can catch em’. Christopher along with Dad and Grandpa got into the boat for the last trip in my 192 Crestliner. I told them the walleyes haven't been snapping but we have been catching some big ones. I asked Christopher, “Do you want to go for big ones or little ones?” Of coarse the answer was lets go for big ones!!!

(Looking for the Hawg Bellie)

I drove over a few spots with and didn’t mark anything my Lowrance Graph so I continued check some deep mid-lake structure. I marked a fish on the edge of a deep hump and said there she is. Christopher put his redtail down and he remembered everything from last year. Line on the finger, line tight, stay in contact with the bottom, let the line out when he feels the bite and reel up the slack before you set the hook. He did just that and the rod was bent and the battle was on.

I could see from the depths of the water the big ol head shakes from the large white tip and I told him it was a Hawg Belly. He did a great job fighting the fish and we landed trophy walleye.

Christopher said he wanted to let it go so some other kid can have a chance at catching it.

What a trip!

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