Friday, March 12, 2010

Clam and Ice Team Photo Shoot


My good friend Nick Chiodo, with Clam Corp, and I just got back from Rainy Lake. Our mission was to go up and get some photos of guys with with fish for Clam Corporation and Ice Armor. We stayed at Woody's Rainy Lake Resort with Woody himself and of course the rest of crew of Woody's fairly Reliable Guide Service. All I have to say is what a fun bunch and an amazing lake! This lake is for the ice fisherman who likes to take there snowmobile and Clam Fish Trap shelter and just go. I mean the structure is so awesome and there was nobody around. If you don't have a portable they are plowing a road with access to all the fishing spots you need. We fished hard and caught some super nice walleyes. Got the walleye shots we needed along with a bunch of fish house photos. We rocked! We decided to make a pit stop on a lake on the way home and I ended up catching a 14 1/4 inch Craap Dawg! It was a hawg belly. I wish I could show you the photos but you will just have to wait for the catalogue.

Check clam out at Clam Corp

Check Woody's out at Woody's Fairly Reliable Guide Service

Check out his winter specials. They are a steal!

"make a memory"
Jeff Andersen

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