Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kenora Bound

Northbound we headed! And, when I say North I mean way North to Kenora, Ontario. The goon crew, Dave, Rick, and Wayne and I headed up to visit my friends Jeff Gustafson “gussy” and Dave Bennett.

We arrived pumped up to go out and stretch our lines on a few fish. We didn’t let the -20 temperature scare us. Well at least not all of us. We spent three days fishing one of the best fisheries in the world Lake of the Woods. We caught several Lake Trout, Walleyes, Crappies and a few bonus whitefish. Oh yeah Rick also caught a monster scoop!

It’s no fun being cold when your out fishing so being prepared with the right clothing is so important. This was frost bite weather so I relied on my Ice Armor Clothing. I didn’t get cold once! If you dress right with the best gear you won’t have to worry about the elements and I didn’t. It’s important to dress in many layers. I started off wearing Ice Armor’s Poly top and bottom. This stuff is amazing and so comfortable. It’s made of 180 gram brushed fleece inside and is naturally moisture wicking. That means when you sweat a little from drilling holes in the ice it will wick the sweat away from your body. The next layer was a wool shirt and pants. Then of coarse my Bigtooth Hooded Sweatshirt that brings me all the good luck, then my Ice Armor reversible jacket that is windproof and then my Blue Black Suit. I will note that the Blue Black suit isn’t insulated like the Gray Black Extreme suit but I wear my suit in spring and winter also. I didn’t need anything more as I had my coat off except when we were driving on the snowmobiles. Another piece that was a life saver was my Ice Armor Neck Gaiter. You can wear all the warm clothing in the world but if you have a cold neck and face it will cool you down in a hurry! OK I know that sounded like a commercial for Clam but I now truly believe in this stuff. The weekend before I was out in poring rain and didn’t get a drop of water on me and now fishing in -20 degree weather I didn’t get cold once. I’m a believer!

Now back to the fishing. Did I mention I caught a walleye that was close to 12 pounds. Yeah baby.......

Here are a few photos from the trip:

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