Monday, May 17, 2010

Fishing Opener 2010


Fishing opener 2010 has come and gone. What a weekend! Well at least the for the weather. I don't think the bite was as good as what everyone had expected because I think the fish were confused as many anglers. We ended up finding some bitting fish here is the scoop.

The WalleyeDan guide group, Tim, Toby, Bruce and I took out the Lost Lake Lodge fishing maniacs on opening day on Gull Lake. It was a struggle to get on a good pattern. We caught fish in 7 feet of water all the way to 26 feet of water. Some fish bit on a jig and minnow and some bite on a rig. So we had to work for em' but we all were able to boat some walleyes for the boys.

We had pretty early spring and I think some of the fish spawn really early and some late which means some of the fish were already starting their early summer transition. What does that mean? Be versatile and look for the active school and be prepared to fish both deep and shallow until these fish decide what they want to do.

On Sunday we headed to Leech. Again another beautiful day on the water. I had my Dad and brother Jason in my boat, Tim Hanske had his Dad in Tim's boat, Joe, my little brother, Aaron, and Joe Skerik in Aaron's boat and Toby, Mike and Drew in Toby's boat. What a goon crew and there was no doubt we were going to find em.

I started fishing in the traditional spring locations. Shallow flats close to spawning grounds and we found some fish. Most of the fish were caught using a KenKatch Hair jig. It wasn't gang busters by no means. I couldn't believe the amount of boats and what a great site to see for the fishing community. It was flat calm and sunny but it seemed like when the wind picked up just a little and the clouds rolled in the fish decided to bite. We bounced from spot to spot catching fish on almost every single location. We caught our limit of keeper walleyes and some hawg bellies to boot.

So the phone rang and it was the hooligans, Joe, Aaron and Joe. "Come over Joe has a musky on!" Aaron said. We picked up and I took some shots of the boys in action. I also took a couple of other shots. Click on the photos for a larger view.

Don't forget to check out WalleyeDan Guide Group I'm so pumped to be apart of fishing with these great group of guides. We are booking up fast so make sure to give us a call and request me!