Monday, May 24, 2010

Holy Mackerel back on Leech Lake

So yepper I headed back to Leech Lake with my good friends Dave, Wayne, Randy and Jared. I was pumped as I knew where the monster school of walleyes were. We didn't get out until later but I stopped on deeper location as I marked some fish there the day before. We trolled leadcore as these fish were spread out in a large area. Nothing! So to the honey hole we headed! It didn't take long and the boys were on em' We had just a tremendous night of fishing including a 28 and 29.5 inch walleyes. We took some photos and let them go!

We headed out the second day and fished close to home for just a couple of hours. We ended up taking a boat ride and stopping on a few spots in Walker Bay catching few walleyes but nothing special.

If you are headed to Leech Lake and are looking for one of the nicest places to stay check out Chase on the Lake They are located right one beautiful Walker Bay and close to downtown Walker, MN. They have everything you could imagine from great food to bowling to a day in the spa or even a ride on their new Lady Chase Bluewater Coastal Cruiser Charter Yacht

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