Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Leech Lake Photo Shoot

Back to Leech Lake to find a few fish for some photos. It was great pleasure to have Chuck Beasley and my little brother Joe in the boat. Our goal was to catch some quality fish, mainly walleyes, to take some photos. So we headed back to the same area right were we had caught them the day before. Nothing! We couldn't catch a fish or even mark that many. These fish are on the move! It was another flat calm sunny day making it even tougher. Through out the day we bounced around catching fish but we really had to work for them. We took a break from walleyes went up and caught a few crappies. Wouldn't you know it the wind picked up while we were fishing for the crappies so we decided to go back out to catch some walleyes. The wind died again! Flustered with the conditions and the moving fish I had to make a decision. We ended up going back out to the area we had found the fish, the day before, thinking they might have moved back and they didn't. So the hunt was on. I knew the fish were close or so I was hoping! My Mercury Verado got a workout bouncing around and all of a sudden I found em'. They were loaded and about 1/4 of a mile away from where they were the day before. The last three hours of the day was gang busters as we caught lots of fish and managed to take some really nice photos. As frustrated as we were we kept the mind frame, "the fish are bitting somewhere" and stayed positive. Sometimes that is a hard thing to do! Everything came together perfect. Our light was spot on and we had a beautiful sunset to utilize in some of the photos.

Here are just a couple of photos we were able to capture! (click on image for larger view)

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