Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I was up on Leech Lake again today and can you say HOT? There wasn't a wiff of wind and it was blazing hot. I was fishing with my new buds Dave and Richard. We started out fishing shallow weed flats as I thought we could still get some of these shallow fish to go in the morning. We caught a few but it wasn't hot and heavy and most of the fish were in the slot. I was kinda stumped as I had caught these shallow fish all year last year. So we had to adjust. We started to fish some deeper main lake locations and found some fish and started catching them. We were all alone for a little while then one boat, then two, then three and so on moved right in on us. We still continued to catch a few but the fish seemed to scatter with all the new boat traffic. We ended up bouncing around looking for deeper fish which seemed to be more active. Overall we had an O.K. trip considering we had no wind and the sun was bright as could be.

Thanks to Dave and Richard for a great day on the water!

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