Monday, June 14, 2010

Gull Lake Walleyes

Hey guys I wanted to drop a note to say I had a great fishing trip on Gull Lake today. The walleyes have been hungry and on the weed edges. Today we fished a jig tipped with a shiner. The walters have been on the move from day to day so with the silence of my Mercury Verado I have been just cruising on the weed edges anywhere from 10 to 13 feet and simply looking for fish on my graph. Once I mark them just stop, drop a jig, and it seems like they will bite.

After a great day on the water I dropped off my fishing partners and I was on the way to the access just cleaning some stuff up and marked a school of walleyes. I couldn't resist dropping a jig down and it was on like donkey kong! I caught 10 walleyes in a matter of 20 minutes and nice ones to boot! An end to a great day!

Enough babble get out and catch a fish!

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