Friday, July 23, 2010

In Fisherman Musky Show

The past three days I had the chance to film with a long time idol Doug Stange with In-Fisherman. We were fishing in Northern Minnesota on Cass and Bemidji Lakes. The plan was to put a television show together featuring "Hot Bites" and we needed to put some decent size muskies in the boat for the show. Easy task right?!

I pulled up to the launch at Cass Lake and I'm being honest I was a little nervous as there was a tad bit of pressure on my shoulders to catch some fish. I spoke with Doug many months back and was pretty confident as I explained we could catch some muskies if we we put some work into it. Yes I said confident then but I was a little nervous now! Doug pulled up and we packed the boat and off we went camera and all. Holy Buckets!

I was pumped as we had clouds and a light to moderate rain which is typically pretty good musky weather. We pulled up to our first spot and waited with a ton of anticipation as the rain had to slow before we could start fishing. Rain stopped and the baits were flying! This spot we were fishing has been pretty consistent and it didn't take long. "Doug Fish!" I expressed as I felt my bucktail get stopped in its tracks. Fish in the boat and we were off to a good start to the day with a 40 incher. We fished through out the day seeing a lot of small fish and catching them too but they weren't the fish we wanted for the show. We ended a pretty good day of fishing but didn't get what we needed. Bummed but we still had a few more days to put things together.

Day two we decided to fish Lake Bemidji. Another early morning but I was pumped because I knew the size of fish that live in this lake. And this is where the story here ends as you will have to watch In-Fisherman television this comming season as Doug and I put two fish over fifty inches in the boat along with several others. We didn't get pictures of the really big one but below is a photo of the last big one we decided to take a picture. We didn't want our buddy Chuck to kick our butts.

All I can say is what a memory! Over the past many years of spending time on the water I have been blessed to fish with so many great anglers and now I get to add another name to that list. Doug, Dave and I had a great time and it was such an honor to be able to catch some real giants on camera with Doug. He has been a someone I have watched and learned from for so many years. Thanks Doug!

I should also say thanks to our camera man Dave as he worked his tail off holding that monster piece of equipment for many, many, many hours and nailed some sweat shots!

We as musky anglers sometimes get stuck on big baits but sometimes a little down size can make a huge difference. The two big fish we caught were on a Rapala X-Rap Walk 13. You can view the Rapala lure here Rapala X-Rap Walke 13 This bait is smaller size musky lure that is 5 1/4 inches. It features a walk-the-dog-action, sharp VMC hooks and has a couple of rattles that give it a noise that not a lot of these muskies have heard. Don't be afraid to down size baits if your not getting bites! This type of bait requires practice so don't get discouraged!

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