Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Muskies are on the move Cass Lake Minnesota Musky Guide

So Chris and George said they want to catch a muskie. We fished two days and this was their first time fishing for these crazy fish. So Day #1 we had a several follows and saw a ton of fish just sitting in the cabbage. We also had two nip at bucktails that got off and had a couple areas that had several fish. We were pumped as it was hot and sunny and we knew the clouds and rain were on the way!

We got up and went to a spot were we had several fish following and one fish sitting that was 55 to 56 inches, A MONSTER! The silence of the calm morning was broke by the sounds of our cast...oh what a sweet sound! We though our large muskie baits to the specific location were the fish were holding and we had a few fish follow but they were lazy. I couldn't believe it. The weather was perfect and I though for sure they would bite. So nothing on spot number one and onto spot number two. Chris was a little sore after a long day of casting and I kept telling him it's going to happen. Well it happened and Chris had a fish come up and bite his bucktail and didn't get hooks. Heartbroken! I just smiled and said that's fishing' Chris looked at me and said, "After 888330 hours of casting I have my shot and I blew it!". Oh if he only knew how many times that has happened to me!

So we continued to fish and we had fish sitting but not following. We all looked at each other with a little less air in our balloons after hours of casting and couldn't believe it. I kept telling these guys this was perfect weather. We would fish a spot and not move a fish and then drive up on it and see them laying there. So that kept us motivated.

"Should we go walleye fishing?" Chris said to George. "Well lets give it two more spots" George replied and what a good idea. On the second to last spot we got a fish to bite and stay hooked. Chris landed his first musky a 49 incher that wasn't too worried about her diet.

Congrats to Chris and George and thanks for letting me be apart of a great moment!

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  1. Hey Jeff, that was the best couple days of fishing ever! Your truely a Pro. It was so cool to see all of those monsters hanging out on the rocks and in the cabbage.....but it was way cooler to get one of those bad boys on the boat. Thanks again for such a great time.