Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fishing Updates

(Pictured above are 11 year twins and 13 year old girls who I had a blast fishing with. We didn't catch any monsters this trip but caught close to 40 bass in 4 hours!)

Fishing the past week has been awesome. I have had some of my best trips this year for catching fish. The walleyes have bit "O.K." early in the mornings but the Bass and Pike are on fire. Besides dodging wall clouds, lighting, and accidentally catching those white things flying around the fishing has been great. More on the "white thing" later.

The bass have moved to their summer patterns and are on deep coontail piles on the main lake. They are hungry and willing to bite. If you are looking for action now is the time to get out and catch some fish. They are bitting anything from live bait to a jig and also lately I have been throwing a DT Metal Sure Set Rapala Crank Bait. This bad boy gets down there and catches fish. I have been throwing this one which is the Regal Shad Color. I would recommend using a long rod that isn't too stiff as when a fish bites a crankbait like this you don't need to really put the boots to them. Just a nice easy sweeping hook set and you'll get em' every time.

This week I look forward to fishing with my good friend Erik and George on Saturday for a little musky action, Mike from North Dakota on Sunday for some Hawg Belly Walleye action on Leech Lake and also look forward to meeting some new people in between.

Oh yeah and about that white thing. I had my buds out from the State South of us and we had a double and after dealing with the double we looked over at one of the rods, which was set down with the bail open and the line was flying out of the spool like crazy. We looked up and yes you called it we had a seagull. We didn't catch the thing on purpose and we got it into the boat and cut the line so the seagull is doing just fine. I was a little worried about posting this picture but want to make it clear the seagull is just fine and wasn't harmed in anyway! This is real life guiding and thought you would like a little laugh as we couldn't stop for the whole trip. I can't wait to tell the story with my friends from down south next year.

Come on Minnesota Twins we need to pull it together!

"Make a Memory!"


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