Thursday, September 30, 2010

Clam Corp Product Review and Featured Photos

Holy buckets it's almost the ice season and I'm pumped. Yesterday I went down to Clam Corporation Head Quarters go over all the new products with Clam Corp and meet with most of the pro staffers. What a bunch of great guys! Clam Corp and IceArmor have so many amazing new products that I can't cover them all in one short post but I will make sure and pick a few out here and there to show you ice fishing fanatics! We covered everything from new shelters, clothing, fishing rods, and ice fishing accessories. I can't wait to put them to the test.

One, simply yet must have, was the New Scoop Shovel. This bad boy was collapsable and only weighs 1.2 pounds. It's perfect for the fishhouse and also perfect to put in the trunk of your vehicle for those emergency situations. A product that is so simple yet something I will use a ton! Check it out at Clam Scoop Shovel

Also one other piece of equipment, which isn't brand new this year but a must have, is the Fan/Light Combo. This thing is so slick! It has a LED Light and a fan which does exactly that, lights up the fish house but also helps circulate the air. We all know the heat rises and it's a pain to have those holes freeze up on the super cold days so this helps circulate the warm air throughout the fish house. The Fan/Light Combo comes in two sizes check it out at Clam Fan/Light Combo

I was also pretty pumped as this was the first time I was able to see first hand the 2011 Clam Ice Fishing Catolog and Ice Annual. Why am I pumped? Well I shot several photos that were featured on them including the cover on both! See photos below.

Photo I took Featured on the Cover of the 2011 Clam Corp Ice Fishing Catalog

Photo I took Featured on Cover of the 2011 Clam Corp Ice Annual

Photos (Top and Lower Right) I took Featured on the Back Cover of 2011 Clam Corp Ice Fishing Catalog

Article and Photos I wrote and took featured in the 2011 Clam Corp Ice Annual

Photos (Lower two) I took Featured on the Back Cover of Clam Corp 2011 Ice Annual

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