Monday, October 4, 2010

Gull Lake Walleyes Brainerd MN

Yo! Just wanted to give all you fish-a-maniacs a little fishing update. I have been fishing Gull Lake in the Brainerd Area for the past few days and yep they are bitting. The walleyes are scattered, so my advise, is too bump up that weight on the Bigtooth Walleye Rig to a 1/2 once and get on the move. We caught walleyes in 13 feet of water and we caught walleyes in 45 feet of water. Move, Move, Move, Move, Move is the name of the game. I'm not really saying fish 1,349 spots I'm just talking about while fishing a certain area you should be moving at least .6 to .9 mph. If you do happen to find a school you can maybe slow down a little but it seemed like the old walters wanted the baits moving along. When we found a school of fish we would just make several passes back and forth rather then trying to sit right on top of them. We caught every fish on a Red Tail Chub and I didn't catch one. These boys put the hurt bag on em!

Guys don't get fooled by the hunting urge grab your St. Croix Fishing Rod and get on the water. The fall bite is on and this is by far one of the most scenic times to be on the water. Ha! and not too many pleasure boaters.....

Check out some photos from the other day. Bada Boom!!!

"Make a Memory!"


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