Monday, October 18, 2010

Huge Leech Lake Walleyes are Bitting

Holy Mackerel did we put the hurt bag on some monster walleyes on Saturday.  I had my buddies Dave, Randy, and Steve out just for a quick afternoon of fishing and it was on!  We were fishing Leech Lake in Walker, MN and man do I love this lake.  It's just that good!  I mean the wind was blowing 20 30 mile per hour out of the Northwest and it was tough to keep things straight but it was big fish after big fish.  It was so nuts that we had lines, motors and everything else tangled up!  It was awesome!  Yep it was awesome because the fish were smashing our red tail chubs!  Ok maybe the tangles weren't awesome but the tangles were only happening because the crazy wind and the huge walleyes doing battle with us.  We were fishing with Bigtooth Tackles Walleye Rig tipped with a Red Tail or Creek Chub in about 25 feet.  Our set up was the usual St. Croix Legend Tournament 7' Rig Rod with  Sufix 832 Braid and Suffix Flouro Leader Suffix Fluorocarbon Line.  The walleyes were scattered on most of the structure so covering water was key put it seems like when we ran into one there was another one that was close by.

Ok so I have mentioned this before but if you guys are looking for a get away you should really take a look at Chase on the Lake in Walker, MN.  Seriously there is everything there from amazing food, to great shopping, spa, golf, biking, bowling, and the best fishing in Minnesota on Leech Lake.  Check them out at

Picture time.  Here are several of the big ones we caught!  (Click on Photo for larger view)

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"Make a Memory!"


 It took Dave 5 minutes to catch the first monster Leech Lake Walleye of the day.

Dave and Steve owner of Chase on the Lake with a double.  

Randy with yet another monster walleye from Leech Lake

Dave was on fire putting huge walleyes in the boat left and right.  Seriously! 

The boys even let me drop a line down for a little bit and look what happened.  Yep another monster walleye.  Leech Lake is on fire!  It's a joy to be a Leech Lake Fishing Guide when they are biting like this.

Another Double by Randy and Dave.  Look at the size of those Leech Lake Walleyes.

Steve with an end of the day monster walleye.  Come up to Chase on the Lake, get a spa, eat some awesome food at the 502 Restaurant and catch some huge leech lake walleyes with me!!! 

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