Friday, November 19, 2010

Big Buck Story Minnesota Deer Rifle Season

Once in awhile you get to hear a story that is truly what outdoor passion is all about.  My friend Paul, AKA Pablo, called me and I could hear the excitement in his voice.  He said, "Jeff, I just shot a huge buck and the best part is that Braedon was sitting right next to me!"  Oh man I felt the chills go down my spine as I could hear an excited father not only did he shoot a big buck but his five year old son was able to experience that moment with him.  I can tell you that excites me as my little boy Gavin turns two in February and it will only be a few years and I, hopefully, get to share moments like this with him.  I ask Pablo to give me the play by play so he sent me an email with photos!

This is what is all about!!!

"I asked Braedon who is five if he wanted to go deer hunting with me this year and of coarse he said "YES"!!  Opening morning I didn't have to ask him twice to get up and out of bed.  We had a quick bowl of cereal and we were out the door.  As the sun hit the top of the trees we got into my deer stand and we saw squirrels, geese, swans but no deer.  At noon I figured he needed to stretch his legs so we went to the truck for a quick sandwich.  My brother had been seeing deer most of the morning and I thought Braedon would have a better chance of at least seeing a deer if he sat with him.  So, I asked him if he wanted to sit with my brother and he did.  I told my brother that at 2:30 Braedon had to make a decision either to sit with you or come back to my stand to sit till dark.  Well, he chose to sit with my brother.  I was kind of bummed because it was fun sitting with my son, showing him the many things that were taking place around us and just spending time together.  My brother texted me at 3:30 and said Braedon wanted to sit with me and was bringing him back.  Cool, by buddy was back with me and now I was just hoping we would be blessed with seeing a deer.  We were sitting with a lot of anticipation and excitment.  It was down to only about 45 min left of the hunting day and through the corner of my eye I saw some antlers to my left coming through the brush.  After I see it turn it's head all I could see was antlers I knew it was a shooter!! I asked B "theres you see you see it"  OK Daddy was pretty excited at this point but he finally he says, "Yeah I see it I see it!"  We went through this like 5 times while the deer slowly made his way.  My heart was ready to pop right out of my chest!  I could tell the deer started to get antsy (or maybe it was me) so on the last "do you see it" and B says "yes" I drop the hammer down.  The monster deer didn't move an inch and we had a deer of a lifetime down! The two of us went NUTZ!!!!  All I can say is what an experience, and to have done it with my 5 year old son by my side" Priceless"!!"  
Paul Manecke

Holy buckets if that doesn't give you chills I don't know but all I can say is thanks Paul and Braedon for sharing such an amazing story!!!


  1. Now that is what I call a "great hunting" time. Nice big buck, smiling hunters, and then there is this little man with a smile the size of Texas. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow! What a buck and so cool that Father and Son could experience it together. Just look at their faces. That speaks volumes!

  3. Oh it was pretty neat to hear it in his voice too. Pretty special moment!