Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ice Fishing is just around the Corner

The ice conditions in the Brainerd Lakes area, like Gull Lake, Round, and North Long are very close to being fish-able or I should say safely fish-able.  The farther you travel north like Leech Lake and Cass Lake should also be making some pretty good ice.  So it's time to get that equipment ready!  I just put together my brand new Clam Voyager TCX and let me tell you this bad boy is awesome!  If you are in the market for a sled style fish house you wouldn't be disappointed with any house from the Clam Corp line up.  I can say that because I have a 10 year old Clam Voyager sitting in my garage that still looks new!  Seriously the thing is in great shape and yes I used it a few times just ask my wife....  Check out the line of fish houses here Clam Corp Fish Houses  If you do have any questions please let me know and I would be happy to help out. 

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone too.  I'm so thankful for a loving family.  This was the first Thanksgiving since my Mom, Suzette, had passed away.  It was hard on all of us but my wife, Kristine, put together an amazing spread of food in Memory of Her.  We know that she wasn't at the dinner table physically but spiritually she was sitting there happy to see her family together. 

I'm looking forward to a great year of ice fishing and guiding this winter.  If you or you know someone who is looking to hop on my snowmobile and take off onto the frozen water of Central and Northern Minnesota lets do it!  I will be guiding on many lakes like Gull Lake, Round Lake, Leech Lake and too many to name.  Send me an email if you would like more details.  My buds WalleyeDan and Tim Hanske also have some sweet sleeper houses and I would love to set you up with those guys too.

So to get you in the spirit here is a little video of my buddy and Bigtooth Pro Staffer Mike Crawford showing you how to set the hook on monster northern pike using Bigtooth Tackles Natural Quick Strike Rigs and Tip ups.  You have to love Mike he is a funny fishing maniac!


  1. Thanks for sharing the video with me. I am looking forward to ice fishing season also. Mainly trout and perch. No 40"ers out my way.

  2. Hey Mel,

    Those trout sound like a fun bite! We have some pretty amazing Lake Trout fishing just a few hours North on Lake of the Woods.