Monday, February 14, 2011

Gull Lake Walleye

So it was going to be a quick trip to Gull Lake in the Brainerd Lakes Area with my friends Tim Hanske and Dan Abear.  The past few days we have been greeted with, what feels like summer like weather, since we are so used to 20 below.  Tim had been out the night before and put the hurt bag on some keeper walleyes so that added to our motivation.  We pulled up to our spot, nobody in sight, and it was game on!  We drilled our holes and started fishing.  It was still pretty early about and hour from sunset and the perch were on the feed bag.  They weren't jumbos but the action was intense!  The sun hit the top of the trees and the perch bit slowed.  Waiting with anticipation I thought the walleyes were going to go nuts but they didn't.  We kept saying 10 more minutes!  So we had enough after catching a few small walleyes and we started to pack things up.  Tim went to pick up a tip up he had set and Dan said, "Well, I'm gong to fish one more hole!" which was right next to Tim and before we knew it fish on.  Dan did battle and landed a dandy Gull Lake Walleye.  Spirits were lifted as we had our tails between our legs prior to Dan's impressive catch.  See photos below......

It's amazing how one fish can turn an O.K. night of fishing into another amazing memory!

I hope everyone is enjoying the winter and looking forward to warmer weather!

Take Care,

Jeff "Breezer" Andersen
"Make a Memory"

A sunset beauty


  1. It had to be awful darn big.....the picture weighed 13 pounds!!!