Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jason Mitchell Crappie

I had the great pleasure to shoot an ice crappie segment with Jason Mitchell for his television show Jason Mitchell Outdoors.  We fished with my good friend Mike Crawford on a small lake near Bemidji, MN my home stopping grounds.

We were fishing in and around a 30 foot basin on the small lake and drilling holes was the name of the game.  This is nothing new but I see it too often when anglers drill a couple of holes and just settle in hoping the fish come to them.  If you want to have a good days consistently I believe you have to be willing to put work in.  If you can find those large schools of fish in those main lake basins it's not too often you can't get them to bite.  We caught fish on some new soft plastic baits.  It's pretty awesome not dealing with live minnows in those cold temps. 

Here is one photo from the day.

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  1. That is an awesome Crappie. Congratulations! Wish Idaho had Crappie like that.