Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kids Fishing Clinic Baxter

My friend Chuck asked me to help out during a kids fishing clinic at the Baxter Elementary this past week and what a great time we had.  It was fun to see the kids excitement while talking to them about ice fishing.  I covered simple presentation tactics.  I asked the kids, "If you go to McDonalds and you were served a piece of tire would that seem normal?"  They looked at me funny and I said, "NO!" and then I asked, "If they served a big juicy cheeseburger would that seem normal?"  "YES" they all exclaimed and I explained that while fishing we need to serve the fish a big juicy cheeseburger not a piece of tire.  I could see the wheels turning!  I made the relationship to match our presentations while fishing to what the fish are eating.

Something that simple is such a huge part in being successful on the ice.  Ask yourself, "What are the fishing eating?" and apply that to your fishing tactics.

Take time and teach our youth this great sport of fishing!

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