Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Leech Lake Walleyes - Fishing Guide

Walleye Fishing on Leech Lake is on fire and if you like catching big ones now is the time.  Have you check out our website?  Toby and I had the chance to take out the guys who built it fishing the other day and what a day!  In my boat was Luke, the code writer for the website, and his brother Gabe.  In Toby's boat was his brother Shane, our web designer, and their Dad, Dean. 

These guys were an absolute blast and I only wish all of my guided fishing trips went this well.  I asked the guys, in the morning, do you want to go for numbers or would you like to go for big ones?  Both Luke and Gabe said, "Go big or go home!"

BIG it was and off we went.  We fished with crawlers, leeches and red tail chubs on a long 7 foot rig with both 3/8th once weight and up to 1/2 once.  The fish early in the morning were positioned on top of the rock reefs and as the day progressed and a few fellow anglers driving over the spots the fished pushed off to the deeper edges but it didn't seem to slow them down.  We went BIG and the boys put a hurt bag on the big walleyes! 

Toby's boat also did well on the big walleyes with the big fish, a 29 incher, between the two boats.  Our biggest was 27.5 along with two others over the 26 inch slot and several fish just under.  We also caught a few limits of keepers mixed in with the big ones.  Here are a few photos of the trip.

Thanks to Luke and Shane for the amazing website and for the memory of an awesome day fishing!

"Make a Memory"
Jeff "Breezer" Andersen

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Leech Lake Walleye Tournaments

It's been a little while since I have had a good office day and I'm happy to say today I'm getting a chance to catch up.  Over the past two weeks I fished in both the Leech Lake Walleye Classic and the FLW both walleye tournaments on Leech Lake.  I had a great time in both but struggled to get our bites during tournament days.  With the 18 - 26 inch slot it plays a little role in our game plan.  Do you go for the "over" fish first and then go catch your small "unders" or visaversa?  The problem going for your big one first is if you don't get that bite you might be stuck trying to find the smaller fish during the middle of the day.  Well I knew that we had to have an over fish each day of the tournament to win so that's what we did...We went for the win.  It worked on one day in each of the tournaments but not both.  I can't tell you how many slot fish we caught but it was a fun bite!  We also had a few missed opportunities with really big fish too and that's bound to happen.  We finished 29th out of a 150 boats in the Leech Lake Walleye Classic and 54th out of 95 boats in the FLW.  Not what I wanted but not too disappointing as we had a chance each tournament at fish that would have put us into the money each day. 

The walleye fishing now on Leech Lake is pretty good.  Seems like catching big ones is easy now!  We have had some really good days with the keepers and some fairly tough days but for the most part it's been consistently good.  The walleyes are starting their summer transitions and moving to some of the midlake structures and they are starting to utilize the large flats area around Goose Island.

I hope that everyone is enjoying their spring.  If you are looking at getting away please take a look at Chase on the Lake ( located in Walker on Leech Lake.  Toby and I at would love to set you up with a package deal!

Here are a few photos from the past week. (click on image for larger view)

"Make a Memory"
Jeff "Breezer" Andersen

Have to love the hair in this one!  I lost my hat and it was windy!