Friday, July 15, 2011

Fishing, Photos, and Bees

It's been a busy summer so far and I hope that everyone is getting a chance to soak up some of the sunny weather we have had.  I have spent lots of time in the boat meeting new friends, catching fish, and telling and hearing some funny stories.  I also had the chance to go shoot some interior photos of Cove Point Lodge on Lake Superior.  A beautiful place!  My little girl Brooke is getting big fast and my rug rat Gavin is being a goof ball and Kristine has been busy with both!

Toby and I have been busy with putting all the pieces together for Leisure Outdoor Adventures.  Check out our website at  It's been so much fun but always something to do between our fishing guide trips.  We have been pleasantly crazy busy!  If that makes any sense?

I'm also getting packed up to head to Lake of the Woods for five days.  I leave this Monday to try and film a television show with Jeff Simpson and the In-Fisherman crew.  We are going to be targeting muskies!  I only hope we can put a show together like last year.

In between all of the busyness I got stung by a bee two weeks ago.  Well, I found out I was allergic and went into "anaphylactic shock".  Good thing Grandma Susan was visiting as she rushed me to the hospital and I got taking care of.  EpiPen and all I was released to live another day!  Scared of bees?  Yes I am!  Funny thing is I got home last weekend and got stung again!  So with a little apprehension I grabbed the EpiPen looked at Kristine and said, "Should I do it?"  I didn't get much of an answer so I jabbed my leg and off we went to the Emergency Room.  Yepper that shot did the trick!  I was so full of adrenaline I was ready to run a marathon.  I had the same great nurse as the time before and she said, "At least this time you don't look like Will Smith in the movie "Hitch"".  I had to sit at the ER until midnight, my good friend Tim picked me up, I got the boat ready for a guide trip, and after a few hours of sleep I was picking minnows at 5 AM ready to catch a fish.  Good thing I found all of this stuff out before I head to Canada! 

This was a picture I took with my phone after things started to get under control!

Well for now here are a couple of photos from the past weeks.

Kristine, Gavin, Brooke and I on the North Shore of Lake Superior.  We went on a little hike right in front of beautiful Cove Point Lodge.

Leech Lake Walleyes and Pike

Check out Leisure Outdoor Adventures Fishing Updates and Reports for up to date reports and photos.

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